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All your data and navigation is just a click or two away. Designed by a former teacher, Curriculum Partner is easy to learn and use; teachers can be fully trained in 30 minutes.

What you need, where you need it:
balancing functionality and simplicity.

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competitively priced

All the tools you need at a reasonable price. Curriculum Partner focuses on the essentials and everyday real tasks for users, keeping the price affordable.

Focus on starting the planning process,
not the purchase process.

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Curriculum software should reflect what you value rather than forcing you into their mold. Choose the descriptions for elements in your curriculum design, and choose what sets of standards to use for curriculum alignment.

An application that works like you do.

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Collaborate inside and outside of your school and district; choose to share work, access, view and learn from the curricula of other schools in the Curriculum Partner network.

Enjoy the power of networking and shared experience.

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curriculum mapping is

a process for reviewing

  • Create curriculum templates that display vital components.
  • Customize your curriculum template language to your needs.
  • Attach standards to units; do a curriculum audit to identify the gaps and overlaps in the curriculum.
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teacher / learner focused

  • Record what is actually taught in real-time during the school year.
  • Work collaboratively to produce an aligned curriculum that maximizes learner results.
  • Better meet student needs by viewing curriculum of fellow educators within your school as well as other schools.
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a work in progress

  • Curriculum mapping promotes good planning and easy updating.
  • Curriculum maps are 'works-in-progress', 'living and breathing' documents.
  • Curriculum software allows adjustments to the curriculum on a continuous basis.
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what educators are saying

I especially appreciate the collaborative tools in Curriculum Partner!  It has been great to see the assessments and other curriculum content used in other schools to affirm our school curriculum & to encourage us to do better in several areas.  I am excited about seeing Curriculum Partner continue to grow.
Nate - Grade 6 Teacher

We had been searching for a good curriculum mapping instrument for some time; we found it in Curriculum Partner. It was the right product for the right price. Their professionals are very responsive to our requests for help and we appreciate the great customer service. 
Kris - Administrator

Curriculum Partner is easily customized to fit our school's needs and is laid out in a way that is quick to learn.  Curriculum Partner helps us to organize what we want students to learn, and provides a structure for effectively communicating this to with our staff, students, and families.
Nathan - Upper School Principal

Our school chose to use Curriculum Partner for a variety of reasons. After researching several other providers, we found the collaborative environment, user friendliness of the software, and the reasonable cost met our requirements for curriculum mapping, and were topping the list influencing our choice.
Bruce - Middle School Principal

what's involved

Curriculum mapping is a process for capturing and reviewing the operational curriculum.
Curriculum Partner is a curriculum mapping tool that is customizable, extremely easy to use, and web based.